• The experiential explosion

    Rinsed MD, Simon, was recently featured in marketing mag, B&T, talking about the ‘experiential explosion’. The article covered a number of important issues, with Simon talking about the crucial importance of brand honesty.



    “It’s also about being honest and going with the flow, rather than trying to manufacture an answer or a response. The only thing that will happen then is that the brand will be caught out, as Simon Micarone, director or Rinsed explains: “People are much wiser and the market is much more sophisticated than it used to be. If we try to be the architects of a response, it’s fraught with danger. We also have to believe in what we are doing, and we have to be honest.

    “Consumers are much more likely to give you a scathing comment than a positive one. But if they are invested in something and really like it, those positive comments can be rampant”.

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