• Ubisoft Goes Big in Entertainment Franchises

    Unlike Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers or Miramax, Ubisoft is not a name synonymous with motion pictures, but after speaking with Mike Kolodzinski, Marketing Director for Ubisoft Australia, that’s exactly where the brand is heading.

    SONY DSC“We are not just a gaming company, rather an entertainment company” states Mike. “We have such huge fan bases that it makes sense for us to extend those universes to the masses”.

    Ubisoft Motion Pictures is a recent investment signalling a brand new era for the company where content, delivery and broadening franchise awareness is at the fore front of their communications strategy.

    Raving Rabbids a TV series based on the Ubisoft video game, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, will be broadcast in the US via Nickelodeon in summer 2013. This animated series will not only be available via TV, but a special interactive Xbox One show will be created entitled Rabbids Invasion.

    Ubisoft’s approach to its film and TV ventures is no nickel and dime operation. At this year’s E3 they announced the Assassin’s Creed movie which will feature Hollywood star Michael Fassbender. Back that up with reports that Tom Hardy has signed up as the lead role, Sam Fisher, in the Splinter Cell movie and you have some A-Listers lending huge kudos to these projects.

    SONY DSCAnd if that wasn’t enough, the announcement that Michael Bay – one of the biggest action movie directors of all time, best known for directing Armageddon, Bad Boys and the Transformers series – will direct Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

    While the development of these projects often requires partnering with a movie studio, Ubisoft is retaining considerable creative control to make sure that the franchises are true to their origins.

    It seems that the new wave of consumer engagement requires building content for any device and any medium and that the traditional model of movie studios licensing their franchises out for broader market extension has now been completely reversed.