• Tuesday @ Social Media Week NYC

    The first official sessions began today at SMW NYC, and the talent on show was nothing short of amazing – we got to hear from Greg Williams, Executive Editor at Wired, Craig Hepburn, Global Director, Digital & Social Media at Nokia, Jonah Peretti, Founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, and many more social media stars!

    The three biggest highlights from the day were (1) “The Future of Now” session with Wired, Nokia and Tribal Brands and tribal technologies, (2) the Keynote interview with Jonah Paretti, Founder and CEO of BuzzFeed and (3) the “Fuelling Social Fandom” panel with MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central. While each of these sessions discussed social media’s impact on business, they also covered lots of perspectives on the potential that still exists and the future effects they anticipate.


    Buzzfeed had a particularly interesting and admirable approach to social media, which other companies can really learn from. They highly encourage risk taking and continually challenge themselves in order to promote an environment for ongoing learning and development from their mistakes. Though this may sound simple, it’s certainly not the approach that many organizations take with social media, and this kind of release from control can bring great benefits in terms of engagement and rapid development.


    The social fandom session was definitely the most engaging of the day, with its game show style “Defend your tweet” and “Defend your Instagram” panel.  During the session, panel members had to defend themselves and inappropriate posts they had made in the past, for the first time in front of a live audience who then voted for the best defence.

    Now that Tuesday has flown by, its time to rest up and ready for tomorrow’s sessions when we’ll be hearing from Google, Unruly, Chipotle and more!