• Wednesday @ Social Media Week NYC

    Today was the second official day of sessions at SMW NYC, and today I ventured out to a few independent sessions held throughout the city. There was tons on offer, including seminar sessions from Jason Kaufman, SVP and Managing Editor of Digital at Weber Shandwick and Nathan Lump, Director of Branded Content at Condé Nast.


    The highlight for me was the session “Influencer Strategy: Developing Trust & Advocacy through Content Co-Creation” held by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and Blissful Media Group. It was highly informative, covering strategies and tips for getting the most out of influencer relationships from the point of view of the influencers themselves.

    I also caught a great session on social media ROI, which is a much-debated topic everywhere I go. A highlight for me was the random musings around why we still use the term “water cooler”. It’s outdated, surely we should be thinking of a new term that’s more relevant to today? Answers on a postcard please…


    Also worth a mention was a session aimed at journalists into “how to rebrand yourself as a content marketing and social expert”. It featured a panel debate, and argued that journalists were best placed to take ownership of content marketing, but maybe brands don’t get that yet.

    The event tonight that everyone’s talking about is a Tech Fashion show held at the HUB, which I will be attending. Report to follow!