• Friday @ Social Media Week NYC

    Today is the final day of SMW NYC. It’s been a fun week, with some amazing, world class speakers and content. Today I’ve tried to cram in as much as possible, in terms of experience, activities on the ground and attending sessions.

    One of the key highlights for me was visiting 140 Proof’s booth. Their company bleeds interest data from across the open social web, serving up ads that play to that person’s unique interests. Using this technique, guests were asked to provide their Twitter handle to receive a caricature drawn to represent their top interests. Mine happened to be Music and Drake!

    Cass 1

    also managed to check out a demonstration of stop motion at the workshop called “Learn Stop Motion” with Dylan Blau at the NOW Studio. This led to me creating my first-ever Vine!

    Cass 2

    The one stand out session today was The Future of Social Music, Presented by Spotify. It tackled the changing audience experience of music, as we go deeper, and use listening as power and means of investigation. The session also focused on the rise of Lorde, who became an overnight sensation due to someone linked to the music industry sending over Lorde’s SoundCloud profile to cheer a friend up.

    Right – I’ve got the closing party to get ready for. Full report to follow!