• Rinsed people: Dave

    DG 1It’s time for the latest installment in our occasional series, ‘Rinsed People’, which focuses on the very talented teams that make Rinsed the agency it is. This month we talk to our social media black belt, Dave Goodfellow. http://webbanki.ru/mikrozaimy

    Tell us about what you do at Rinsed

    I’m a Social Media Strategist, so it’s my job to keep an eye on social platforms, technologies and new consumer behaviours as well as manage our clients’ existing social media channels and future plans. My focus is on Rinsed creating industry benchmark work that’s innovative, engaging, effective and fun!

    What’s your background

    I’m a techie and I love it. I’ve worked with Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and lots of other tech companies over the years. My specialties are in consumer electronics and creative applications. I love anything that has a screen and can create something inspiring – whether thats images, video, code or something we haven’t heard of yet.

    What’s the most unusual thing you’ve had to do in the field of duty?

    The guy credited with coining the term ‘metrosexual’ created a new term and I managed the PR for it. Yep, that happened.

    What’s been the coolest project you’ve worked on this year?

    Has to be Social Media Week Sydney. I love talking to all the great social media minds that we’re bringing together for the event, and planning the content that Sydney will be talking about for months to come. Social Media Week makes me as happy, like a nerd at Comicon.

    10003890_10152348270812840_5685098065909590818_nWhat’s the last campaign from a brand you’ve seen that’s made you go “wow”

    Coca-Cola really knows how to take a step back from being a brand/product and just tell stories about what it means to be human. A recent campaign where they deployed telephone booths in third world countries that were operated by coke lids instead of money did this incredibly well andd really made me go “wow”.

    Have you got a dream client that you’d live to work with?

    I’m very lucky that I’ve worked with a lot of my dream brands like Microsoft and Adobe. The big one I’d still love to work with is GoPro. Not only do they have a great product, but they’ve also changed social media and the video production world.

    What’s the last track you listened to on your iPod?

    Stolen Dance, Milky Chance


    What’s the last movie you saw?

    How to train your Dragon 2 (it’s awesome. You should go see it)